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Our Training Facilities

Old Pin Shop.PNG

 Rapids Softball have their very own year-round indoor training facility located at 20 Main Street Oakville, CT. This building is deep with history and was once a booming manufacturing company. To local's it’s called the “Pin Shop”, but over the last 15 years entrepreneurs have begun to occupy sections of this historic building transforming it into a desired destination for successful small businesses. 
The Rapids training facility is located on the 2nd floor and is over 3,500  square feet. From the months of September through April, this facility comes to life with the sounds of our coaches and players working on honing their skills in hitting, pitching, and fielding.
The Fabiani Family gives our program an opportunity for this facility to be our home, which we are grateful for. Their building is spacious and gives us the rooms to get all aspects of training done year round!

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